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Nils Jendri
"Playing with Fire" Solo show

16.02.2023 - 18.03.2023

Nils Jendri brings a selection of fresh new paintings to iDroom Gallery Geneva. The artist focuses in his recent work on the interaction of bright colour spraypaint on rough linen fabric.

In his solo exhibition Jendri is drawn to pushes whats possible to bring his canvases to glow. Glowing as a start of something, getting more intense as longer you keep it alive. Once kindled, the embers can eat their way into a blazing flame - through dry branches up into the highest woods and buildings. Learn to control the flame and it can warm you and give you light in a dark winter night.

For Jendri, painting is like this flame: it can heat you up and makes you looking at the final result for hours. This energy, once it has been released on canvas, hardly can be contained. It fascinates and devours your senses and if you lose control it can put the roof on fire.

Lets start to play!

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