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L7matrix was only 13 when he first met spray paints. This experience has opened the door for many upcoming experiments that artist named L7matrix was about to perform.

While exploring mixtures for his work, Luis tried many techniques and finally created his unique approach by using china ink, varnish, soft pastel, oil pastel and acrylic. Color Simplicity and Free Geometry It is not just the technique that L7matrix experimented with. He also came to a unique style through his experimentation – namely, he combines geometrical elements and very stylized color puzzles with realism attained by elaborated details. It is exactly that combination of color simplicity and free geometry that awakens certain contradictions and even uncomfortable feelings in the viewers. And that was inevitable, due to the fact that this artist is equally inspired by the beauty of life and its sorrow, as well. Influenced by the disarray of the surrounding environment, he can’t help generating the sophisticated chaos in masterfully blended coarseness and elegance of his subjects. “Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.”

His paintings are full of movements as an example of the theme of birds, the best known theme in his works. In addition to spectra and faces that resemble colored spirits to bioluminescent jellyfish.
L7Matrix specializes in a unique and striking style that has spread to various places in the world such as France, where he currently lives, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, among others. His work comes down to everything he likes and feels, always moving and screaming and explodingin beauty and chaos. The winning combination of realism and abstraction, brought closer together in Luis’ artwork, creates a melting pot of emotions, materials and media for viewer’s eyes to enjoy. L7matrix’s artistic skill is filled with all known human emotions and city’s jumble, blend roughness with elegance,in order to transmit the concept of empathy for the surroundings. Luis rarely listens to music while working, instead, he likes to blend in with the ambiance, listening to every sound it creates. 

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