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Daniel Kalinski aka CHAZME 718 is a Polish painter, illustrator, architect and street artist born in 1980 in Laufen, Switzerland. He currently living and working in Warsaw, Poland.

A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

His work has been featured in exhibitions in Paris, San Francisco, Rome, Minsk and Düsseldorf to name a few and has been honored with the ARTAQ Urban Art Award in 2011.

Starting out as a character painter on the Warsaw graffiti scene, the artist diverted to formal abstraction, and is now  known for his images of surreal and confusingly complex architectures. He constructs urbanized structures out of defined,geometrical areas, and these dystopian compositions are compositionally perfectly balanced comments and critiques on urban planning.

The  urban maze, which is typical for his imagery and Escher-like constructions, contain rigid geometry as well as poetic scenarios. 

The artist’s studio work ranges from canvas to collage and though is more figurative, it still emits the strong assemblage aesthetic that is unique to CHAZME’s work. The paintings expose a unique to the artist  fusion of classical mythology and a contemporary urban experience.

Daniel Kalinski (Switzerland, 1980-)